Florida man plotted mosque attacks, feds say.

Reads the headline on an article over at CNN.com about a Florida doctor who decided to sit down and whip up some 15 to 20 homemade explosive devices and then went on to create a list of 50 Islamic worship centers he planned to visit with his new toys. Investigators said Robert Goldstein’s plan was to “Kill all ‘rags’ at this Islamic Education Center—ZERO residual presence—maximum effect.” Along with the bombs authorities also recovered 30 to 40 weapons, including semi-automatic weapons and a .50-caliber sniper rifle, the sheriff’s department said. Ah, such tolerance and compassion! Nothin’ say’s lovin’ like a homemade bomb fresh from the oven!

4 thoughts on “Florida man plotted mosque attacks, feds say.

  1. Yeah, I can see how that might be more desirable. Hey! I just noticed you had posted about this as well at your site so I’ve put a trackback ping into my version pointing to your site.

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