Davezilla versus Corporate Monster Thingy.

I don’t check in on one of my favorite blogs in awhile and the next thing I know they’re being sued by a Japanese movie company. Fellow Michigan blogger Dave Linabury of Davezilla.com has been served a cease and desist order from the folks at Seyfarth Shaw on behalf of Toho Films of Japan who produce the Godzilla movies. Seems Dave’s blog name and the little lizard guy logo are a wee-bit too close to Toho’s city-stomping movie star for comfort and so they’re trying to put the squeeze on Dave to change things a bit or get his ass sued off.

Dave’s not shakin his lizard off just yet, though. Word spreads fast on the Internet and stories about the threatened lawsuit have popped up on CNet.com, Slashdot and The Register as well as countless other blogs who aren’t as tardy about it as I am. Advice has been pouring in and it looks like Dave has a fairly strong legal leg to stand on. It probably doesn’t help that Toho’s lost just about every other infringement lawsuit they’ve filed in the past over names ending in “Zilla” such as one against Sears and a brand of garbage cans they sold called “Bagzilla”. If nothing else, though, it’s brought Dave’s site a lot of new traffic.

1 thought on “Davezilla versus Corporate Monster Thingy.

  1. It’s the End Of The World, as We Know It, first this, now I guess I can sue Janet Jackson for MILLIONS because she OFFENDED me. Susan Powter, where are you when we need you? Nobody says it JUST like you, ” STOP THE INSANITY!”…

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