Damn, my fingers are sore now.

What a way to waste a perfectly good evening. One of my recent posts over at One Nation, Under… got a rather lengthy reply earlier today and I thought I’d spend a few minutes whipping up a response that went point by point….

So, here it is some 4 or 5 hours later. I still haven’t eaten dinner yet. My fingers are killing me and my brain hurts from digging up all my old notes on American history and Biblical passages all for an effort that will probably bounce off the guy’s thick skull like a tennis ball off a wall. I knew he was pretty clueless when he opened his argument with the statement that America was founded as a Christian nation. Well, if you know me at all you know how easily that set me off.

Dammit, I missed tonight’s episode of Thunderbirds too. Oh well. Stomach’s grumbling and threatening to leap up through my neck and throttle my brain if I don’t get something to eat soon. Hmmm. At least my brain would stop hurting then….

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