Corel tries to lure pissed off Microsoft Office users.

Found an article titled Corel targets irked Microsoft customers over at

Scrappy software maker Corel hopes business customers frustrated by Microsoft’s controversial new licensing programs will be ready for a change.

The Canadian company, whose fortunes have zigzagged in recent years after a tough fight for financial survival, is offering businesses a free one-year trial of its WordPerfect word processing application. The hope is that a percentage that try the program will decide they can live without Microsoft’s full Office package and switch to ala carte software, including WordPerfect.

“It’s designed to position Corel and take advantage of a great deal of frustration that has been building up in the Microsoft customer base over the enterprise licensing program,” said David Roberts, vice president of enterprise solutions for Corel.

It’s a long shot, but anything that might rattle Microsoft’s cage a little is good with me. As much as I do like Office and XP, Microsoft’s recent revamps of their licensing policies has gotten a bit out of hand. I still wouldn’t be upset to have an alternative OS appear and offer a viable alternative to the Microsoft monopoly as a little competition is always a good thing.

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