Compaq commercials try to be informative.

This morning as I was watching TV while eating my breakfast (at noon) one of the many Compaq commercials came on. This isn’t out of the ordinary in most respects except that today I noticed a little bit of the tiny text that always pops up along the bottom usually used to spell out the fine print on offers such as the discount not being applicable on any day ending with the letter Y. This blurb happened during the point when the announcer is talking about how the hard drive was 40 gigabytes in size. The text read:

“A gigabyte = 1 billion bytes”

Now I know this is put in to help the folks out there who wouldn’t know a gigabyte from a megabyte from a carpet tack, but does Compaq really think that explanation clears it all up for those people? I mean, if you don’t know what a byte is then does it really mean much to know that a gigabyte is supposed to be a billion bytes? All I can think of is the number of people who have asked me for advice on what PC to buy who gave a blank stare when I tried to explain the concept of hard drive storage to them. Usually I go with the following explanation: “In short, giga is more than mega and you want the number in front of that word to be big.”

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  1. les. actually, the i think it is the ftc which requires that disclosure because hard drives are sometimes measured differently – using 1k=1024 bytes vs 1k=1000 bytes.

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