Change your name to “Turok”, get $800.

In an attempt to attract a little more media attention for their advertising dollars the folks at Acclaim UK are offering 500 ($785 USD) in cash, plus an X-Box, plus every Turok game that ever was in exchange for you legally changing your name to “Turok” for one full year. The company plans to sign up at least 5 people and are willing to assist in changing your name to Turok as well as switching it back once the year is up.

Interested individuals can get more information from the official My Name is Turok website. Though it doesn’t specifically say so, I’m assuming that this offer is open only to residents of the United Kingdom. Early reports are that this new attempt at marketing is a raging success with thousands of applicants having signed up within the first 12 hours for a chance to be one of the five people chosen to become “Turok” for a year.

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