BMX XXX, let the public outcry begin.

Get ready for a lot of outrage over a video game that may rival what Grand Theft Auto III caused when BMX XXX hits the shelves. Acclaim is attempting to set this otherwise cookie-cutter extreme sport BMX bike game apart from the competition by making it the first Mature (M) rated extreme sports game. They’ve already pushed the limits a bit with the recently released Aggressive Inline which featured at least one female character who looks suspiciously like Britney Spears who not only flashes quite a bit of her underwear and cleavage while skating around, but has some rather convincing “breast physics” applied to her model that encourages as much jumping and hopping as your controller can handle.

So how do you take that further? Well, apparently you sprinkle in popular swear words and populate some of the game’s levels with strippers who actually strip. Then in your “Create Your Own Rider” section you allow players to make a female character, shirt and bra optional. Plus the aforementioned “breast physics” from AI moved over to the new game. Toss in a slider to control breast size on the female models. Then between levels you add in some full motion video of actual real strippers doing their thing. Then, just to put the cherry on top, you add a head-to-head two player mode called “Strip for Score” where players compete against each other to pull off tricks that cause the other character to strip off some of their clothing. Stir well and you have a tasty treat guaranteed to flip a few ultra-conservative wigs in Washington when they finally get wind of it.

Personally, I find the whole thing amusing if not overly gimmicky and I’ll probably at least rent the game once just to experience it first hand. According to the preview over at Gamespot the game looks to be a solid title, if not particularly outstanding for anything outside of the outrageously naughty bits it has. Word has it the developers devoted a generous amount of polygons to rendering the female’s breasts as they tend to be smoother than the rest of the model. Like any guy would be looking at the rest of the model anyway.

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