AMD releases two new chips.

AMD has a press release out trumpeting their two latest versions of the Athlon XP processors to hit the market, though they technically won’t actually hit until September. The new 2400+ and 2600+ are the first AMD chips to hit and surpass the 2 GHz mark and that’ll come as a relief to a lot of AMD fans who have been watching Intel’s Pentium 4’s inch ever closer to the 3 GHz mark for awhile now. Speed ratings are deceptive, however, which is why AMD chose to switch to a naming convention that is supposed to represent the processor’s “comparative” speed versus an Intel part, hence the designation of 2400 and 2600 on these two new bits of silicon. Not only do slower AMD chips tend to perform well compared to higher rated Pentium 4s, but they also tend to be significantly cheaper which makes them attractive to DIYers like myself. I’ve only built one Intel based machine in my time and that’s the 550 PIII machine my daughter currently owns. The rest have all been AMD based and I have been happy with their performance for some time now. Naturally everyone and their brother has a review of these new chips up so if you are interested in seeing how they stack up then check out Xbit Labs, VIA Hardware, Tech Report,, FiringSquad, Aces Hardware, AMD Zone, HotHardware, AnandTech and HardOCP.

As if that weren’t enough good news the folks over at The Inquirer are reporting that the next AMD chip, the 2700+, is said to finally be making the move to a 333MHz FSB. Sounds like I’m going to have to start saving up my pennies in anticipation of a new MB, CPU and RAM in the new year.

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