30 second movie review: Signs

Anne and I dragged good buddy Eric along to go see the movie Signs yesterday. The latest spooky movie from M. Night Shyamalan who is easily one of my favorite directors at the moment. I’m left with somewhat ambivalent feelings toward the film. As a spooky/scary movie it does a good job even if some of the shocks are on the cheap side. Excellent use of sound by barely visible baddies maintains an edgy atmosphere throughout the movie.

The message of the movie left me somewhat disappointed, however, giving my religious viewpoint. The basic plot line revolves around Mel Gibson’s character, Graham Hess, who is a former reverend that lost his faith when his wife was killed in an accident. You can pretty much guess where it goes from there. By the end of the movie Hess is putting his clerical collar back on to tend to his flock having found that his faith has been renewed by the events of the film. In short, non-believers suck and were probably the first ones killed during the alien invasion. I did find the mix of Christian symbology (death of the wife is very Christ-like) and Hindu beliefs (there are no coincidences) to be an interesting mixture, but it came across as way pro-religion and anti-atheist which naturally dampened my enjoyment of the film. The aliens were a little ridiculously vulnerable as well in my opinion, but I won’t go into that here to avoid spoiling it. If you’re not a believer then you may find the film somewhat insulting, but otherwise you’ll probably enjoy it.

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