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I did end up taking today off from work and I did get to sleep in a bit so I’m feeling much better than I have in over a week. I took the day off so we could get ready for a visit from our friendly neighborhood exterminator as our apartment building is suffering from a bad infestation of Silverfish. While highly annoying, the bugs don’t bother me as much as roaches would, but they’re still a problem so they’re coming in to spray the apartment with lots of chemicals in hopes of getting rid of the bugs and possibly giving us all mild forms of cancer thus stimulating the economy in two different ways.

Honestly, I don’t know how bad the chemicals they use really are, but Anne was rather upset the last time they showed up without letting us know ahead of time and managed to spray over quite a bit of her clean laundry. They also did a half-assed job because nothing in the way of furniture was pulled away from the walls because we didn’t know they were coming that day. So the apartment complex scheduled a return visit, which happened to be last Monday where they once again failed to let us know ahead of time. Supposedly the apartment manager didn’t know either, but that didn’t stop Anne from refusing to let him in. So they rescheduled again for today and told us about it, so we’ve been moving everything in the apartment away from the walls to form knots of random matter in the center of every room.

It’s times like this that I’m amazed at how much crap we really have. The living room alone is in danger of reaching critical mass and collapsing under it’s own combined weight into a singularity. A Living Room Black Hole with a gravity well so dense that not even bad network television can escape from it. That would be a royal pain to explain to the apartment managers. Of course, if they complained too much we’d just have to give a good shove to their backs to be rid of the problem forever…

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  1. Good luck on the silverfish!  I cannot stand those little things. LOL We had a problem with them when we lived in military housing in Missouri.  We had them come to spray and we were told we had to leave for a few hours because the chemicals were so strong.  Don’t know if that is how they all spray for them though.  And I agree… roaches are just… well… eeeewww. :o)

  2. Thanks, I’m sure we’re going to need all the luck we can get. They didn’t chase us out of the apartment after spraying so I suppose the stuff they’re using can’t be too horrible. Either that or the bug guy just didn’t care either way. I’m looking at a couple of different websites that suggest a couple of do-it-yourself solutions including something called Nabin Bait that’s supposed to wipe the little buggers out pretty well.

    I realize that the insects are just trying to survive like everything else on the planet, but why can’t they just survive outside of my home and leave me in peace?

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