TV shows from my youth dance lightly through my mind.

Looks like my old buddy Speed Racer has got his own official website now. Don’t know if this is in preparation to another revival of the original series on a network someplace or in anticipation of the import of the newer 1998 series that was produced in Japan, but it’s a fun site none the less. And continuing in this trend…

Okay, it’s not really “anime” per se, but I didn’t feel like making a new category. The folks over at Henshin!Online are reporting that 4Kids Entertainment will finally be airing Ultraman Tiga this fall on FOX Kids. The original Ultraman show that was aired in the US when I was a kid remains one of the highlights of after-school TV watching. I loved that show, but not as much as my buddy Karl who will probably be cautiously thrilled that a new series is coming soon.

The reason for the caution? 4Kids is also responsible for the Power Rangers, which was another Japanese show they bought and released over here. Not content to just dub it to English, they re-shot just about every non-battle scene changing the story along the way and just generally making a mess of it. Early reports for Ultraman Tiga, however, seem to indicate that they’ll be trying to leave it as unedited as possible and give it the best possible dub that they can. They plan to air all 52 episodes, two episodes per week, back to back through 2003. With any luck, this’ll turn out half-way decent and I’ll once again find myself watching television a little more regularly.


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