Top quality impulse buying.

One of the drawbacks to having a tendency to impulse buy when presented with a really good deal is sitting around afterward dealing with the minor anxiety of trying to decide if it was a wise decision. I mentioned recently that I picked up a new CD-RW drive because the deal was just too good to pass up. That hasn’t stopped me from sitting around and wondering if I should’ve waited until I had done a little more research. I get anxious wondering if I got a great deal or if I’ve missed out on a better deal by acting too quickly. When it comes to gadgets, gizmos and games, I’m the penultimate bargain hunter. Shame I haven’t been able to apply this skill to purchases that are actually important like groceries.

Anyway, I’m sitting around for the past few days loving this new TDK VeloCD 40x12x48 CD-RW drive and at the same time dreading that I might find a better deal out there. The drive itself isn’t helping with my anxiety thanks to an underwhelming ejection mechanism. For as cool as this drive looks and as fast as it burns, when you press the eject button in makes a noise like a constipated camel as the tray slowly slides out. That’s about the only complaint I can muster about it though. It performs flawlessly otherwise.

Thankfully, my new subscription to PC World kicked in yesterday and made me feel a little better. I don’t normally subscribe to the magazine and only pick it up when I see a cover story that sounds useful, but I had a ton of frequent flier miles from the folks at Northwest Airlines that I racked up back when I was traveling around the country working for GMAC that I wasn’t going to be using anytime soon. They seemed to realize this too so they sent me a “spend your frequent flier miles on free subscriptions to magazines” offer, which I gladly took part in and signed up for a half-dozen magazines that I wouldn’t normally subscribe to such as the aforementioned PC World and MIT Technology Review. I could have signed up for more, but there wasn’t a lot I was remotely interested in as it was.

Anyway, so the first PC World arrives yesterday and it always has a listing near the back of their Top X products for the month. I was quite pleased to note that at the number 1 spot for Top 10 CD Burners this month was the TDK VeloCD 40x12x48 that I had recently bought. As if to further put my mind at ease I noted that the suggested retail price listed for the drive was $135 whereas I had picked it up for a mere $89 of which I’ll be getting $50 back for an end price of only $45.39 after sales tax. I chuckled softly to myself and gave myself a good mental pat on the back. “Of course it’s number 1,” I thought to myself happily, “I am the King of Gadget Shopping!”

Truth is, of course, I got lucky. The reality is that even if it wasn’t on the list at all, I still managed to pick up a pretty kick ass burner for a rock bottom price and have nothing to complain about except for a possibly anemic eject mechanism. In the great scheme of things I’ve got plenty more things to worry about that are actually important. I keep telling myself all of this, but I can’t help but feel good that my latest impulse buy really was a pretty good deal.

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    For those of you just tuning in, we had some chick post her phone number and email address and a comment about how she “would to know people for fuck” or something like that.

    The odd part is, it wasn’t comment spam in the form of having a link back to a porn site or anything. Just a small personal style add from someone with poor English.

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