The Caffeine Machine

If I were a car nut I’d totally be into custom hot rods, but I’m a computer geek. Still, that doesn’t mean we don’t get the itch to modify the hell out of our machines in a flashy and needless manner. Living in an apartment I haven’t the space or tools to do a decent Case Mod, as it’s called, on my own machine, but I still love visiting web sites that show off what others have done. I’ve seen everything from case mods involving filing cabinets to milk crates to one made out of a house fan (for the ultimate in cooling).

I haven’t found a case mod yet, however, that really would fit my personality. That is, until now. I present to you the ultimate combination of two things EVERY geek needs, a computer and lots of caffeine:

The Caffeine Machine.

I wonder if he’d build one just for me?

1 thought on “The Caffeine Machine

  1. …I want one…

    Beats the stunts I’ve seen with the old SGI pizza boxes! Though just for grins, I would dearly love to get my hands on an old Lego server. Or was that the Kego – the purple one that looked vaguely like a sofa?

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