Nothing like porn spam in your guestbook.

Ok now this just pisses me off. I’m no prude and I don’t have a problem with people operating porn websites on the Internet in general. If people want to look at porn and are willing to hand over their cash to a website for the right to do so then that’s largely their decision. I do get annoyed with the more unethical porn webmasters who register domain names that are typos of legitimate sites in hopes of snagging bad typists into an endless cycle of popup ads to artificially inflate their page hit count to soak up money from the sites advertising with them. I also have a problem with porn sites sending tons of spam email to folks who haven’t asked for it. I’ve gotten used to the idea that this problem is one of those things that isn’t going to be solved easily and I’ll just have to learn to cope with it.

But who in their right mind honestly thinks it’s OK to go into a personal family website and post in the guestbook what is essentially an unsolicited porn advertisement? Oh, just in case you’re not interested in porn, they also sell radio pagers. You can imagine my surprise to take a glance at the guestbook I tossed onto the main page of our site here only to find an entry by someone named “Adult Toys” that only contained four links, the first three to websites dealing in “Adult Videos”, “Sex magazines” and “sex aids”. Plus the fourth link for “radio pagers”. A WHOIS search on the first three URLs turned up no record, but the search for (the link for the radio pagers site) turned up as being registered to a company named Call Systems Technology, Ltd the UK’s leading wireless call-system solution providers. A Mr. Andrew Birch ( is listed as the technical contact for that website in Network Solutions registry listing and I think I’ll be dropping him a note asking why he felt the need to advertise his four sites in the guestbook of a family oriented website.

Personally, I was upset enough when I started getting spam with porn ads through my instant messaging programs (which is why I now have my ICQ, AOL, and Yahoo accounts set to the most strict settings when I used to allow anyone to contact me), but this is going too damned far. I mean, how big of an asshole do you have to be to pull a stunt like this? Grrrr..

Naturally it appears the admin portion for the free guestbook I was using is broken at the moment so I can’t even remove the entry yet. Time to switch to using my own GB script I suppose.

UPDATE 6/15/2005: Here we are almost three years later and I got an email from Mr. Adrew Birch today about this very entry. It seems he’s not happy with my associating him with the company that’s responsible for the spam left in the guestbook I had on the site at that time and he’s asked me to “correct” my article to name the proper person and gently chide me for not sending him an email about it, which I had done at the time just like I said I would. Never mind the fact that it’s taken him three years to figure out that I even wrote a complaint about it here on my blog or that it’s his own damned fault his named was associated with a disreputable client, it’s only important to him that I let you folks know that he’s not really responsible for the porn spam showing up in my guestbook. He claims the man most responsible is a Mr. Peter Hutchinson ( which would have been really nice to know about three years ago, but I’m sure writing to him now to complain about something that happened three years ago isn’t going to be particularly productive.

So, there you have it. Mr. Adrew Birch is such a responsible fellow that he’ll get around to addressing your complaints about him in around three years or so time and he wants you all to know that just because he was dumb enough to attach his name to the URLs of the people who spam you he’s not at all to blame when you get spammed and someday he may even tell you who is responsible. Maybe.

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  1. This barely compares…but the folks from a popular greeting card service left a comment on my site just this morning, advertising their service and boasting that they were still free. (Lots of popup ads, but they’re still free.) After backtracking to make sure that it wasn’t an ISP, I banned the IP.

    Today must be Try a Stupid Advertising Stunt day.

    So…are there any tollfree numbers we can all call and harangue? What’s good for the goose…

  2. Hi
    I’m part of a team that runs a professional medical engineering website. It’s very well used and we’ve worked damned hard to make it happen.

    These silly buggers spammed us as well.

    In their haste(?) these mixed up the pager and sex toys url. In my haste – I deleted them both without thinking. Damn – should’ve done that look-up.

    One thing tho’ – remember the technical contact may just be their host – so complaint may be the order of the day – not abuse.

  3. I’m so damned mad!! I cannot go into my e-mail without having at LEAST one porn ad pop up on the screen. Usually it’s more than one however. And they have titles that appear harmless, seemingly nothing to do with porn, you click on out of curiosity or you really want to make sure it’s nothing important…then BAM!..the first thing you see at the very top of this ad is a picture or worse, a mini movie of a sex act, usually disgusting sex acts. I have NEVER been to a porn site, never signed up for or ordered anything even close to porn. This is completely unsolicited and much unwanted considering I have a 13 year old daughter and a 9 year old daughter and we all share this e-mail address. Now, I am the only one allowed to check our e-mail..which sucks, because my 13 year old uses it often to chat w/ her friends and it’s a pain for me to do a “safety check” every time she is about to get on. Even then it’s still not 100% reliable. Like I said they are very tricky about how they get this crap into your home. Why do they want to force this on people who do not want it? It’s the people they send this to unsolicited that will be their downfall. Why not just limit their ads to the people they KNOW want it? They make more than enough money on the millions of creeps who beg for this stuff. How dumb or greedy can they get? I am desperate to find a way to block porn spam,  if anyone knows a good way, please let me know. Also from now on any porn sent to me will be forwarded to my ISP as well as the senders ISP. More work but if everyone does it maybe it will stop them. Ignoring it hasn’t done a thing but make them more persistant. Thanks

  4. And then there is Hans who, oblivious to the theme of the post, decides to list a bunch of porn sites…I give him a 5 for chutzpah but only a .05 for intelligence.

  5. The reason why so many porn webmasters post in guestbooks is because it increases their SE page rank. I have posting on adult related boards for awhile now and I have noticed HUGE influxes of google and yahee SE traffic.

    Your comment about inflating traffic and getting money out of sites advertising with them is not exactly true. People don’t usualy pay a flat rate for exposure. It work s on a commision basis. You generate a sale from the banner or ad you get either a percentage plus monthly recurring OR a flat payout for that initial sale.

    The few sites that do sell ad space on impression in the adult biz are the big players selling to big players. So inflated traffic numbers are useless because prodcutivity is tracked meticulously….

    So anywho, the whole thing about posting porn links on message boards and guestbooks are Search ENgine related. Nothing more, nothing less. There will always be a few morons platantly spamming their sponsors referal codes and id’s but they never last, they usualy get shut down. So if you want to shut down people spamming sites and you notice and amperstand or a question mark in the url it is most likely a newbie spamming his ref id in hoeps of getting rich overnight. Just go to the root of the domain, find a contact listing, and report his ID.

  6. That’s very useful information. Thanks for educating me on this. I’m all for porn sites being allowed to operate, I’m a bit of a porn fan myself, but I’d appreciate it if they wouldn’t resort to such tactics to generate more traffic.

  7. That’s really wonderful guys, but if you re-read what I wrote you’ll see that I’m not opposed to porn itself. I’m opposed to people posting links to it in my website’s guestbook or in my comments. Those are not appropriate places to be advertising your porn websites.

    I like porn as much as the next guy, but it has its time and place and my website isn’t the time and place for it.

  8. I think porn spam really sucks.
    I am trying to live a cleaner life, yet sometimes when I see a porn spam, its hard to resist. Constantly having to resist temptation takes alot of effort for me. I have an addictive personality.

  9. Interesting – I do a Google search for something and look what comes up! And they say the internet is huge…

    Anyway, while you probably know this by now, Google pretty much ignores guestbooks now when calculating PageRank, since SEOs were using it as a way of boosting their sites’ positions in results pages. Most guestbooks have PRs of 0 or 1. You could say that Blog spam is the new Guestbook spam, although as far as I can see most bloggers are more prepared for it (MT-Blacklist and the like) and so Google hasn’t chosen to act.

  10. Yeah. What’s even more weird is when I do a Google search and end up getting my own site thrown back at me and I have to stop and think: Did I write something about that at some point?!?

  11. your not really an evil bastard but if thats really you on the picture then you are a really cute guy

  12. Yep, that’s really me in that picture.

    I’m always surprised when people describe me as cute. OK, my wife is the exception. I’m used to her thinking I’m cute, but it still surprises me when I hear anyone else say it. I’ve always considered myself slightly handsome in a just-a-touch-better-looking-than-average way, but never the sort of guy that turned women’s heads as I walked in the room. Unless it was because I tripped over the dog and broke an end table while doing so.

    Which is just my long-winded way of saying ‘Thanks.’

  13. No advice, no consolation, but just a thought.

    Any sufficiently complex system that uses energy to fight off entropy will attract parasites, who try to tap into the flow of energy.  This is just as true of culture as it is of organisms.

    The only mildly surprising thing about spammers is: why would a human being want to be a parasite?  Parasites in the biosphere (such as leeches) are among the simplest and most clueless of organisms.  Those in the ideosphere (such as spammers) don’t rate any higher in my book.  Sure, there’s money to be made, but do spammers have more fun than we do?  Let’s hear from all you parasites out there.

  14. Hello everyone
    I am a Canadian ex-porn star but haven’t got laid for 30 years… Anyway, I am disappointed at your attitude towards my former industry. Have you no consideration for people like me who have nothing else to do rather than sell our bodies? Now that I am old, I have been forced to get a university degree by sexually engaging with a professor to be a librarian which really requires no knowledge whatsoever. I demand an apology for the porn industry, since it needs public funding.
    Thank you

  15. Kate’s gone bye-bye and I’ve added her URL to my blacklist. She should take the hint and spam her porn site someplace else.

  16. sorry Les,but I find you lacking in the looks department – (Thats ok – i’m male!)
    I guess it just empathizes the difference between work and play – this is our play time;but its pornguys work time,so theres always gonna be trouble;especially with multiple time-zones! ah well,bring on the flange!

  17. It’s not about offending the kids, it’s about having my guestbook filled by links to porn sites without any compensation. I pay for this website and therefor I have the right to determine what content it holds. Don’t like it? Bite me.

  18. Les,

    Bite me.

    Be careful what you ask for, particularly in the context of porn spam wink

    Anyway, I always get a good laugh out of claims that we should gracefully submit to spam.

  19. Well, Frankieg, at least you instinctively knew the appropriate topic under which to file your comment.

    Speaking as another fed-up white male (although I suspect we’re fed up about different things), I give you a B+ for an original concatenation of conspiracies (darker people, ecoterrorists, darwinists, and heathens) but an F for content.  Go peddle your porn to the Ku Klux Klan.

  20. What a moron. I’m not sure whether to delete it just for it’s pure moronic nature or leave it up as an example of why people should remember to take their medication…

  21. Tish, Frankieg is obviously a very busy white man, and can’t be expected to rant all of his rants at once.  I suspect feminists are also included in his constellation of evil, so you needn’t feel left out.

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  23. Boy are you ever posting that nonsense in the wrong place. That’s so stupid in itself that I’m not even going to bother fisking it.

  24. “Stupid is as stupid does.”  cheese
    My question is, does that post so lack redeeming social content as to be classified as porn?

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