New Doctor Who series just another wild rumor.

Ah, seems like this is becoming an unending cycle. It did seem too good to be true and the BBC has stepped up on the official Doctor Who website to quash yet another rumor:

“Dreamwatch magazine, Ananova and the Daily Express are all reporting that we’re making plans to involve actor Tony Head and members of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer production team in a new 22 part series to celebrate the Time Lord’s 40th anniversary.

“Whilst the Cult team quite like the idea of Tony Head as the Doctor in a show guided by members of America’s finest fantasy production team, the BBC aren’t currently making any such plans.”

Oh well. One can always hold out hope.

1 thought on “New Doctor Who series just another wild rumor.

  1. Bummer… Hey whatever happened to the “Watchers” show that was supposed to spin off of Buffy?

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