My primary email address appears to be broken.

If you’ve sent me email recently at it may not have arrived as of yet. I’ve not gotten anything through that address for the past few days and I’m beginning to wonder if the mail server might be broken. If you have to get ahold of me via email for the next few days I suggest using my address as that is still working just fine.

On the plus side, the amount of spam I’ve gotten recently has dropped dramatically.

5 thoughts on “My primary email address appears to be broken.

  1. I need to know how to contact Jon Stewart through email my brother is going to war and I want him to sign the book. If you know that would great. Thanks

  2. Give it a fucking rest Amelie! That’s three incredibly insincere comments in three different threads so far.

    I really hate when people come on here saying pure bullshit just to get a link to something they’re selling, and I don’t even pay for SEB.

    It almost turns the praiseful things they say into insults.

  3. For those who are wondering what Brock is ranting about, we had a spammer take the time to post three comments by hand which I’ve since removed and added the URL to the blacklist.

  4. Please help me with the hack toll to steal hotmail,yahoo,msn and aol email account

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