Movie tidbits in a rich gravy.

The new Terminator 3 teaser trailer is now available on-line. I didn’t think this one would actually get made, but it appears the shooting in LA is underway with a planned release in summer of 2003. Last I had heard, Arnie’s back and this time he’s going up against a female terminator. I suppose for T4 they’ll make it a child terminator or something.

Also, apparently Hollywood has not allowed the massive popularity of Dragonball Z to escape their notice as they are working on a live-action movie based on the show. Already there is a purported teaser poster circulating on the net with much debate on whether or not it’s real. I’ve never been much of a fan of this particular anime for much the same reason I’ve never been much of a fan of Superman. My buddy Karl, however, is either very geeked or very distressed over this development, being the big fan of the series that he is. I’m betting on the latter over the former.

Lastly, the folks over at IGN’s Film Force are also reporting that there may be a special version of Attack Of The Clones being readied for IMAX theaters. That may be just to thing to get me to go see the film one more time. I’ve yet to go to the local IMAX theater here in the Detroit area that was built at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan and this would be a perfect excuse to do so.

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  1. Hhhmm another TERMINATOR….hmmm

    Oh please… DBZ live action?  Uhg.

    Oh goodie, a good excuse for a trip to the IMAX… I couldn’t do it for Beauty and the Best or any of the one hour infomerical type programs.  Attended a couple of those informational presentations with my duaghter on school field trips.  Not bad, but nothing interesting enough has been offered that would make go on my own to the IMAX yet.  But, if Attack of the Clones shows up there… I WILL go with or without company:-)

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