Lighting fires near powder kegs.

I’ve probably just pissed off a good portion of my extended family with a response to an early morning email from one of my cousins on my mother’s side. Wouldn’t be the first time.

I’ve seen this email already once before over at “One Nation, Under…” and I commented on it there already. It’s one of those propaganda emails that passes around more misconceptions about what is and isn’t allowed in public schools in the way of prayer and religious expression. A lot of what it claims is just flat out wrong, but the truth has never stopped those who have a religious agenda from promoting it in any way they can.

I spent 45 minutes this morning composing a lengthy reply that I just know is likely to piss some of the recipients off simply because I’m daring to argue against something a lot of them believe in, but it’s the sort of thing that I have a hard time just letting pass by without presenting an opposing viewpoint to it. I did a reply to all instead of just replying to my cousin because I felt my views were important enough that everyone who was exposed to the original email should have a chance to read an alternative viewpoint.

That very same thing is what got me in trouble with another cousin from that same side of the family. He had been sending me a number of conservative viewpoint emails for a while that I had largely overlooked as most of them didn’t contain anything I particularly agreed or disagreed with. Then one day he sent me one that I just had to respond to and I made a point to hit the reply all button.

This set into motion a series of emails back and forth between myself and the cousin in question about my response and my decision to send it to everyone the original email had been sent to. The end result of all this emailing back and forth was my learning that I was an arrogant bastard who had no right to send my email to my cousin’s friends whom I didn’t know. The fact that many of those friends responded back to me personally saying they agreed with my viewpoint only seemed to make my offense that much worse in my cousin’s eyes. In the end I told my cousin that if he didn’t want me commenting on the emails he sent me to everyone they had been sent to then he should stop sending me emails in the first place. I can’t respond to something I don’t receive after all. I’ve not received an email from him since. No great loss considering most of them were forwards of the aforementioned conservative propaganda emails which he agreed with.

I suspect this latest effort at speaking out for the opposing viewpoint may have very much the same effect. Especially considering the one cousin I’ve already pissed off was among the list of people the original email was sent to. Oh well, it’s tough being an arrogant bastard sometimes.

So, for anyone else who’s thinking of forwarding me lots of propaganda and chain letter email allow me to offer this tip: If you don’t want me responding to anyone other than you then be sure to place ALL of our email addresses into the BCC line instead of the TO line. Using Blind Carbon Copy will ensure that each person who receives the email will only see your return address and none of the other people’s addresses you sent it to.

3 thoughts on “Lighting fires near powder kegs.

  1. Ya well, being an arrogant bastard is a two way street.  Don’t your cousin’s know you well enough to assertain that anything religious and/or political runs the risk of recieving an opposing, possibly uncomplimentary view point? 

    I’ve always found it interesting or maybe it’s annoying how people who send out religious and politcal tripe actual take offense when they are returned the same (only the “other side of the fence” viewpoint).  Not exactly terrible “christian” of them to have such hypocritical, blame laying responses to those responses.  They started it… maybe they should attempt to use their brains as well as their blind faith?  Or, maybe that is just too much to ask someone who has obvious choosen a path of least resistence…  It’s easier to leave everything up to an unknown, unreachable, omnipresent being as opposed to being responsible for their own actions, speech and/or live in general.

    I suppose these cousins of yours were or are having some serious life issues a well… like divorce, death of close family member, maritial problems, child problems, medical problems, extreme financial problems, etc.  And they aren’t committe to doing something about it, for themselves.  It’s easier to cry and whine and complain and wait for someone else (a miracle) to take care of life’s problems for them.  That’t not the way the world works.  And, I am a Christian.  I do believe God helps those who help themselves…  He gave us free will did he not?  What good is free will if he who gave it exercises the hypocritical practice of taking it away any and everytime he disagrees with us?

  2. this happens to me all the time and as much fun as it is to respond and get flooded with hate mail later, i simply delete them all now. i refuse to even read them and when people ask me if i got their emails, i say yes i did but i dont respond to that sort of bullshit crap anymore. and ask if them if they have nothing better to do than search the web looking for ways to shame people and criticize others. this usually stops the mail for months until they try again to convert me…lol

  3. I agree with a lot of what our anonymous contributor had to say.  Though, I wish my husbands cousins would stop trying to convert him/us.  Do they think we are that aweful?  Heck, they don’t even live in the same state.  They’ve never met me(the wife) nor Courtney (the daughter), so who do they care?

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