Leo McKern passes away.

One of my favorite British actors has passed away at the age of 82. Leo McKern had a career that spanned 50 years and he was probably best known in the U.K. for his role as Horace Rumpole in the TV series Rumpole of the Bailey. He was also probably my favorite Number 2 from the series The Prisoner. To most American audiences he’s probably best known for his role as Father Imperius the Monk in the movie Ladyhawk. I particularly recommend Rumpole if you’d like to get more familiar with his work, the show is available here in the States on VHS and DVD.

News of Leo’s passing came from my buddy Michael who’s a fellow Sci-Fi geek and it prompted the following very amusing IM chat exchange this morning:

Spkymky: Leo McKern died….

Uncle Les: Rumpole of the Bailey?

Spkymky: and almost everybody’s favorite Number Two from The Prisoner…

Spkymky: he was 82, ill for some time apparently

Uncle Les: Damn, another good one gone. Hadn’t realized he was still around really. He was a great actor.

Spkymky: he was… I remember him from ladyhawke… very subtle compared to him chewing up the sets in The Prisoner…

Uncle Les: I had forgotten he was in that. We’ve got that on DVD. Great movie.

Spkymky: yep… showed it to a girl I dated, too young to have seen it in theaters.. she could only obsess on the hopelessly 80s synthesizer soundtrack by Alan Parsons…

Spkymky: the relationship was downhill from there….

Uncle Les: Heh. Funny how things work like that sometimes. Relationships doomed because of an inability to see past a movie soundtrack to the gem of a story behind it.

Spkymky: petty, some may say…

Spkymky: but I love that story

Uncle Les: Eh, you were young, foolish, you’re supposed to be somewhat petty at time likes that.

Spkymky: no, this was only last year

Spkymky: I have it on dvd too

Uncle Les: Oh. LOL!

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