Late night pre-July 4th ruminations.

So here I sit at 10:52PM the night before the nation celebrates it’s independence on July 4th and my mind is buzzing. Outside my bedroom window I can hear the pops and occasional screech of various legal and illegal fireworks being set off in the neighborhood. It’s been hot here in Michigan lately, unusually so for this early in July, and the air conditioning has been an ever present hum in the background of my home life for several days. At times it reminds me of the ever present sound effect you hear on Sci-Fi TV shows where people live on a space ship. Combined with the extra effort from an oscillating room fan makes for a constant rush of background white noise.

The nature of our apartment is such that it faces the sun most of the day and as such the air conditioner has a hard time keeping things cool in here, at best it manages to keep things right around the point of toleration. For this my electric bill will surely send me into fits. Even now, at night, there’s this odd mix of not-quite-cool, but-not-quite-warm sensation to sitting here in front of my monitor.

Anne is trying to sleep in the bed behind me. She was in a state of repose for a brief while, but my tap-tap-tapping of keys keeps rousing her from slumber. Courtney is away for the week visiting with relatives. So I sit here alone with just the glow from my CRT and I ponder over life in general.

I’ve been busy with writing lately. Probably the most writing I’ve done over a period of a week and a half in my entire life. Some of it has been here on my personal blog, the rest elsewhere. Anyone who frequents this site regularly knows already what I’ve been writing about. It’s the most outspoken I’ve ever been about my views on politics and religion here in my blog. I have held back from writing rants in the past about these topics simply because I do have some friends and family who visit these pages and, despite the fact that they know generally my stance on these issues, I know some of them would be unhappy to read those opinions in full force. This issue strikes close to my sense of fairness, however, and so I’ve been writing about it. A lot.

In the end, as many have pointed out to me repeatedly, the court’s decision will probably be overturned and we’ll go back to status quo and all my ranting, I am told, will be for naught. However, I don’t really agree it will all have been in vain. If any of it gets someone out there who reads it to just think over the issue a little more than they might have when they first heard about it, it’ll all be worth it. Even if I don’t sway their opinion on the matter, if they put a little more thought into it then perhaps they’ll think a little harder on the next issue that comes along as well. People don’t think about the issues before they start spouting off any more. I just want folks to think things through a bit more.

So I sit here, typing in the equivalent of my own fireworks into various essays, commentaries, and responses to other people’s writings. In my own way, I suppose I am celebrating what this country is really all about. The freedom to hold one’s own opinions on all matters and the right to state them openly to anyone who’s willing to listen.

I’m tired. It’s 11:13PM and I’m just rambling now so I think I shall go to bed. If I don’t get a chance to post to the blog tomorrow then allow me to wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th now.

2 thoughts on “Late night pre-July 4th ruminations.

  1. It doesn’t matter if the court’s decision on the Pledge of Allegiance is overturned (the ideal situation would have been for the court to specify that speaking those two words was unconstitutional, and to change the wording right there; but I don’t think that the courts had that option.) We don’t only have the right to air other viewpoints, we almost have the responsibility to do so.

    If we don’t think, don’t speak, don’t in some way examine our own belief structures and value systems constantly, we would ever move forward; and said belief structures and value systems would shatter like brittle glass the first time that they were harshly tested.

  2. Freedom of religion,
    in it’s most raw essence,
    is equal to
    freedom from religion.

    Stolen from Sue’s Bloggy Blog!

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