Kids learn the hard way why the show was called ‘Jackass’.

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A 17-year-old Midland youth was in critical condition with severe burns Thursday after he and his buddies tried to duplicate a stunt called the “human barbecue” aired on the former MTV extreme-reality show Jackass, authorities said.

With a video camera running, friends at a weekend party doused Jonathan Scott Perry with lighter fluid. One lighted a match and set him afire.

“This was absolutely horrible,” said Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter. “There was no reason for them to do this kind of stupid stunt. I’ve seen people burned and pull stupid pranks. I’ve never seen it to this point. This young man nearly died.”

In the MTV show’s “human barbecue” prank, the show’s star dresses in a flame-retardant suit and sets himself on fire to cook steaks. It has spawned at least four copycat incidents since January 2001.

Yeah, I knew I’d heard of some kids doing this previously. Shame that the first response in every case has been to blame the show instead of the idiot kids that are trying to mimic it. Maybe it’s just me, but I was brought up that I should never, ever, ever, ever, ever set myself on fire. Not even if the funny people on TV do it. I suppose most parents are too busy to teach their kids this simple lesson anymore.

7 thoughts on “Kids learn the hard way why the show was called ‘Jackass’.

  1. uh, yeah fire bad!
    it’s all part of the indistructible youth complex, teens have. I had it too, but was still afraid to light my self up!

  2. hey man u should not light ur firneds on fier but w/t it takes me and my firiends are making a moveing like that and it is funny but we not doing things like that anyways wont to hear fomr u email mee lol

  3. uhm… for the record, i still have never seen the show.  it’s astounding that people will believe whatever the media tells them. 

    and to the first response… fire is hot, not bad. and “indestructible” is spelled with an E.

    and gary painter’s an asshole.

  4. so i personally know the people involved in this incident. it was not made to be a jackass remake. they used the wrong lighter fluid. stop thinking that the kid was stupid and realize he made a terrible mistake. i give props to the people that actually took him to the hospital, instead of just fleeing.

    anyway, hasn’t jonathan gone through enough?

    and gary painter IS an asshole!

  5. Sorry Rachel, but he was being pretty stupid regardless of what type of lighter fluid he used. If he had accidentally set himself on fire by being careless with the lighter fluid while starting a BBQ or something then that would have been a terrible mistake. What he did was intentional and that’s just plain old stupid.

    As for Gary Painter, I don’t know if he’s an asshole or not, but what he said in this news item is quite true. It’s a shame you can’t put the responsibility for this stupidity where it belongs.

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