It appears I’m living up to my website’s title.

I’ve been participating in the debate on the recent Pledge ruling over at One Nation, Under… and it appears I’m ruffling a few feathers. I’ve been accused by Jill of putting words into her mouth and I can almost see how she might have taken my statements as such. Truth is I was merely stating how her argument came across to me and I said as much in a response back to her comments, but I fear they’ll only upset her further. So now I stand accused of intentionally twisting her words to fit my viewpoint. The argument she has presented is weak enough that had I really wanted to twist her words, I could’ve been much more creative about it. She’s basically been promoting a couple of common fallacies as her entire argument and it just doesn’t hold up well under scrutiny.

So I decided to swing by her blog to see if I couldn’t gain a better insight into what she was like and it appears that I have managed to earn myself a fair amount of her animosity for my efforts at debate. Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be receiving any Christmas cards from her this year. For my part I don’t hold any ill feelings against her for anything she’s said in the debate thus far, but then I’ve been called so many names by people who didn’t agree with me over the years that it’s rare that I get truly upset with anyone I debate with anymore.

Jill had said in her posting that she was already in a bad mood and it didn’t take much reading to see why. I won’t go over the details of the issue here, anyone that wants to know can just follow the link, but I did want to say that I can easily sympathize with her plight. I can understand what she’s going through with her husband because I was almost just like him. In fact, I share some similarities even now in terms of being overly computer-focused at times at the expense of my family. I’ve managed to reign in my impulses and my purchases are kept to a bare minimum as I know we just can’t afford to have me picking up the latest video game or anime video every time one hits the shelf. My Amazon Wish List is rather lengthy in testament to this fact.

So now I’m feeling a little bad for adding to her stress by debating with her over at One Nation, Under… because I can relate to some of what she’s going through. I admire her courage to try and work things out in her personal life after learning a little more of what she’s dealing with. I respect her determination to continue debating the issues over at One Nation, despite the unnecessary stress it’s causing her, because she feels the issue is important enough to stand up and be heard over. I was tempted to say as much on her personal blog, but felt it probably wouldn’t have gone over well so I thought it best to save my comments for here instead.

I just hope she will come to realize that I find the issue to be very important as well and will continue to speak my mind on it. I am not out to personally insult anyone nor intentionally twist their words. That I wish her the best in her personal struggles as they could easily be my own.

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