Close to 2 days for all of 15 minutes.

Ever notice how life is often much like waiting to ride a roller coaster at an amusement park? We spent the better part of two days moving crap around in our apartment so the exterminator guy could spend 15 minutes squirting anti-bug chemicals at the baseboards of the walls. Kinda like when I spend two hours waiting to get onto a two and a half minute roller coaster ride. Although, to it’s credit, the roller coaster ride at least leaves me with a sense of enjoyment and I won’t have to spend another 2 hours waiting in line to get off of it. Whereas we’ll probably be spending the rest of the weekend shoving our stuff back up against the walls where we had it originally. If this doesn’t get rid of the bugs I guess I’ll have no choice but to resort to small arms fire to deal with them as I’m not moving the damned furniture into the middle of the room again.

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