Burnin’ in high gear.

I was naughty today. I bought myself a new TDK VeloCD. A nifty new CD burner that fries disks at a hot 40X speed, rewrites at 12X, and reads at 48X. A definite improvement over my old 4x4x16 drive from Ricoh. It doesn’t hurt that I got the drive for $89 from CompUSA with a mail-in rebate for $50 back. I can now burn a CD in only 4 minutes as opposed to the 24 minutes it used to take. Ahhhh. Sometimes it’s good to be naughty.

2 thoughts on “Burnin’ in high gear.

  1. I hadn’t thought about selling it honestly. If only because I have a tendancy to hold onto old parts to put into smaller projects such as the Linux web server I’ve been working on. Honestly, there are much better burners available these days at prices that wouldn’t make buying this old one worth it. Check out TechDeals.net for all sorts of good deals on new stuff. It’s where I found my new burner for the excellent price that I did.

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