They Might Be Giants release a CD of kid’s songs.

I love this group, always have. I buy every CD they release and they’re never far from my CD player. Now they’ve released a new CD aimed at kids called NO!

Why children’s music? The two Johns—- Flansburgh and Linnell—explain that TMBG’s music already sounded child-like with its simplicity and energy. “There’s always been the thing about the spirit of They Might Be Giants as a band that is very childlike . . . Making a children’s album seemed like a natural,” says Flansburgh.

In addition to music, every track on their new CD—simply titled No!—has an “enhanced” animated section, with visuals complementing the music when played on a computer.—NPR All Things Considered

Robert Siegel has an audio interview with the duo that talks about their new CD and has some samples of the songs. You’ll need to install Real Player* to listen to it, though. If you’re a fan you’ll want to check this out. Now, I need to go get that CD.

*I hate Real Player and it’s a testament to how much I love NPR radio that I’ve actually installed it on my PC.

1 thought on “They Might Be Giants release a CD of kid’s songs.

  1. Hi there

    We love No! in our house.

    I found a website that is a cool/goofy intersection of TMBG and kids
    The West Xylophone Tourism Board

    They even have shirts in toddler sizes that say
    My imaginary friend went to West Xylophone and brought me back this shirt

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