The Middle East Media Research Institute.

Stumbled across this link for MEMRI today and found myself wrapped up for quite a while reading what the site had on hand. Assuming this is a legit outfit (and it has every appearance of being so) it will prove to be a most informative, and probably distressing, source for learning more about how Americans are perceived by folks in the Middle East and their governments. In particular I found this report on Al-Qa’ida titled “Why We Fight America” very enlightening.

On top of the obvious feeling of dread that comes from realizing that there are some seriously pissed off religious fanatics in the Middle East with a very large axe to grind, I was stuck by the similarities between the rhetoric used in that article and that used by the Christian Fundamentalists here in the States.

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  1. *shivers* Haven’t perused the entire site, but I went straight to the article you linked. And I can say but this… I care not what banner they carry, or whom they call divinity – the fact is that religious fanatics of any flavor are a scary scary bunch of people. The notion that the entire world must march to one specific drumbeat is about the most frightening thing I can conceive of.

  2. Kiiriana—Your last sentence in your comment sent me off on the following tangent:  "Silly fundies, you’re supposed to DANCE to the damn thing, not MARCH to it!!"

    And that, I feel, sums up the number one problem with fundamentalism.  If you think about it.

  3. hi all,
    about the MEMRI site. i’m posting a link below
    that shows that MEMRI is NOT a reliable source of
    info about the middle east.

    they are an openly
    zionist organization that cherry picks the arab
    and persian media for op-eds and political statements that confuse anti-zionism with anti-semitism. not only do they offer an unbalanced portrayal of the arab/persian media (does jerry falwell represent the mainstream american media?), they also mistranslate and selectively translate. their budget is in excess of 1.8 million (imagine what this blog could do with that $), and they boast former intelligence agents and isreali generals on their staff.

    read the article and make up your own mind.


  4. my first look at that memri site featured headlines linking noam chomsky and hizbullah, implying that arab nations were all after da Bomb, and stating that bush II is told to adopt islam by iran. i’d be fairly suspicious even without the right web article.
    on the other hand, i quite like the feeling of impotent ire that these kind of headlines evoke. they send me off into a marvellous daydream where i make the world a better place with fire, and lots of it. am i a bad person?

  5. oops i meant to add that the links to specific headlines “why we fight america” and “christian fundamentalists” are no worky

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