Testing a new feature of MovableType.

Version 2.22 of MT is out and I’ve already updated our site here with it. The two big new features it are support for using a mySQL database instead of the Berkeley flat-file DB and a new way to track who’s commenting on your blog entries on their own blogs called Track Back. The folks over at hopelessromantics have set up a testing post to show folks how it works, and this posting is a test of that feature. If I’ve set everything up properly my site should ping the related article at their site. Not sure what it all means in the end, but I get a sense it has the potential to make for some interesting cross-blog dialogs pop up.

For those of you who are running your own blogs with MT and occasionally bitch about something I wrote here at your own site, well, I’ve set up the feature here as well. Now, let’s see if it works.

4 thoughts on “Testing a new feature of MovableType.

  1. ::maniacal laugh::

    I don’t know why a manaical laugh. Just seemed appropriate. I’m installing 2.22 when I get back from work today. Now when you talk about atheism and video games, I can… um…. agree.

  2. Oh no…a whole rash of “Yeah…what they said!!”


    Les, do you know of a list of the other new features that made it into this incarnation? The biggie I’m watching for is the ability to include description and keyword meta tags on pages, particularly multiple-entry pages.

    Greedy me wants to keep my #1 pagerank…even if it’s for something as inane as THAT search string.

  3. Hmmm. Not sure if it’s in there or not, but you can check out the change log by clicking here. I don’t think meta tags are included just yet, but I could be wrong. Couldn’t you just set them up in the templates? Suppose I need to try and better understand what you want it to do.

  4. I have description tags set up for the non-blog site content, and I just use the largely-unused $MTEntryMore$ and $MTEntryExcerpt$ tags to insert the content. Since the rants, games, tutorials, and such are all essentially on individual-entry templates, there’s no problem.

    With my blog itself, though, I want to have description and keyword tags on the weekly archive pages, and have them populated with the key words and short descriptions for any entries for that week. The MTEntryExcerpt tag isn’t used for anything after the entry isn’t displayed on my site’s front page any longer; but the MTEntryMore tag is still, occasionally, used for its actual intended purpose. Also, the entry descriptions won’t accumulate on the weekly pages. Only the last entry to have data in the MTEntryExcerpt field will display a description. That’s not enough to catch everything on the page.

    Perhaps someone’s done an add-on module for them already. I should go check those out, or put out a call in the support fora.

    Well, that and learn how to use mySQL databases (databii?)

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