Talk about funky money folding brings in the visitors.

Apparently Google seems to think I’m sort sort of authority on that little trick with folding a twenty dollar bill to get images from the 9/11 tragedy. I recently set up a referrer tracking script to get an idea of where folks are visiting the site from and out of 50 or so links I count at least 27 that were from Google sending folks here because I talked about it in one of my entries. Probably a good thing I provided a link to a page that actually had instructions on it or they’d all be pretty pissed by now I’d imagine. Even a “Yahoo powered by Google” search is getting in on the act with this link listing me as the second best match. WTF?

Just for the record, there are even better instructions on how to do this located at this link. Those guys take it a step further by revealing hidden images in not just the $20, but also the $5, $10, $50, and $100. Plus they also show you how to fold your $20 to spell out “OSAMA”. *GASP!*

Now, if I can just figure out how to fold a $20 so it says “dipshit”.

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