Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.*

I expected Congress to react with their usual level of restraint and rational debate to the court of appeals verdict declaring the current Pledge to be unconstitutional, but as usual they manage to exceed my expectations. Already some Senators are calling for a Constitutional Amendment to enshrine the current Pledge of Allegiance in the law of the land beyond judicial oversight. My first thought whenever I hear about Senators calling for amendments such as this is “What the hell are they thinking!?!

The amendment process wasn’t put into place for Congress to use it to circumvent the Supreme Court’s role in the checks and balances system. Yet all of the amendments proposed over the last few decades have all been on issues the Congress was pretty sure the Supreme Court would have stepped in on and overturned so they tried to get amendments passed for the exact purpose of overriding the court. Amendments to the Constitution were supposed to be for only the most important of issues and any amendment should be considered long and hard before it’s written up and slapped into place. It’s not the sort of thing you’re supposed to use as a knee-jerk reaction to a court decision you don’t approve of that you think will endear you to a lot of voters.

In my mind, the Constitution is a more important document than any holy book ever written and should be regarded as almost sacrosanct. Any change to it should be only after much sober discussion and debate without the heat of emotion currently being exhibited by the self-righteous in Washington. Of course, that wouldn’t make for good grand standing politics and it doesn’t serve the self-interests of the Senators or the agenda of those who would hijack our country’s most important document for their own ends.

*Quote from Mark Twain.

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