Sometimes wishes do come true.

Especially if you publish them on the web. I owe a big public thank you to The Laughing Muse for sending me a book off of my Amazon Wish List. It was quite the pleasant surprise to open up the box and find a copy of The Physics of Christmas laying inside for no apparent reason. A truly geeky book that is turning out to be a pretty good read. It’s one of those One-Of-These-Days-I’ll-Get-Around-To-Buying-That items that I’ve been interested in since it was first published in 1998.

The funny thing is that I often joke with folks about the fact that I have a link to my wish list right on my homepage. I’ve always said that if any perfect strangers felt the need to spend money on me there was a whole list of ways they could do it on my site. I never really expected anyone to actually do it though. I put it up mainly so my relatives would know where to find it, but I’m not complaining. So, again, a big thank you to Muse for adding a little extra sunshine to my week that I wasn’t expecting. I’ll let you know how good the book is when I finish it.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes wishes do come true.

  1. I come to visit in the evening, and not only do I see a public thank you, but someone who agrees with me about the pledge being declared unconstitutional.

    Yhiiiii, I feel all faint with utter glee.

    If you get the time, would you post some of the neater tidbits for us?

  2. Absolutely! I’m still working on the first real topic at the moment which is more about the history and origins of the legend of Santa and his reindeer, but I’ll post up bits as I come across them.

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