Robin Williams goes nuts.

It would seem that Robin Williams is back to doing more dramatic movies these days, though I’m surprised at how he seems to be opting for bad-guy roles as of late. First he plays a killer novelist in Insomnia and now he plays a psycho photo clerk at the local Sav-Mart in One Hour Photo. In trailers for both he comes across as creepy and twisted and I have to admit I’m actually interested in seeing both movies. Insomnia is getting generally positive reviews so I’ll probably end up seeing that one soon. One Hour Photo hasn’t generated much buzz yet, but I’m keeping an eye on it just in case.

Just when you thought it was safe to develop your pictures! Good thing I recently bought a digital camera.

6 thoughts on “Robin Williams goes nuts.

  1. Are you people insane?! Robins nice at heart, it’s just acting. You people are the crazy ones not Robin.

  2. Yes Charlene, we are aware of the fact that Robin is just “acting” and we don’t really think he’s gone crazy. Calm down and remember to take your medication, OK?

  3. hahaha this was like years ago, still not taking my meds, sorry psychiatrists send people to jail, not going to ones with bad reviews thankyou though.

  4. nope, but I’ve gone through the years of study and realize now that the end of the world is coming, and I sure as fuck wouldn’t want to be stuck with robin and all his cash, Im out, better lost and saved, then saved and lost. wake me when the world is new.

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