Nice rebuttal to fear-mongering article about Open Source software.

Laughing Muse has a really well-written rebuttal to a recent column on ZDNet that claimed using Open Source software was a bad idea.

Now, I’m no champion of Open Source software as the end-all, be-all of anything and I don’t hold any illusions about it bringing about the ultimate downfall of Microsoft or Oracle or any of the other major companies, but I do think it’s a pretty nifty idea. I could go into a lengthy dissertation about it, but I’ll save it for another time as I need to get my butt to work this morning. Still, check out Muse’s little rant as it pretty much says what I would say anyway, which is why I linked it. So there.

2 thoughts on “Nice rebuttal to fear-mongering article about Open Source software.

  1. Heh.  My Web site host uses Unix servers and open source software.  The ONLY concession they make where Microsoft is concerned is they will allow FrontPage extensions to be installed on a user’s account.

    Works for me… even if I am on a Windows system at home.  Ain’t geek enough to use another OS yet, I’m afraid.

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