Neverwinter Nights is in my grasp.

Spent 4 or so hours last night with a newbie Half-Orc fighter. Got him to level 4. Got about 5 hours worth of sleep afterwards. Yeah, it’s a good game. I’ve only scratched the surface of the game and I’m already hooked. Still trying to decide if I’ll keep that character or try something different before I get too far in. Now I know what crack junkies must feel like.

4 thoughts on “Neverwinter Nights is in my grasp.

  1. *smiles* Oh dear, I should have guessed you’d be first on the bandwagon. I am hoping to get it Friday – hope there are some left in the damn state by then. 😀

  2. It was 4am before I slept last night. It’ll be the same tonight, I’m sure. I’ve been playing the single player campaign, level 4 half-elf paladin who I’m thinking of multiclassing on the next level. I spent some time in the level editor last night and it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen for a game, easy to use, but still pretty powerful. It lists all of the functions needed to build scripts along with their variables, so you don’t have to go hunting (much) for documentation. I’m not too impressed graphically, but I can understand that it’s easier to LAN party if everyone can play, plus, the playability more than makes up for it.

  3. I’m still trying to decide what I want to play long-term. I’ve already played a half-orc barbarian to level 4 (all the way through the first quarter of the first mission) and then I turned around last night and made a half-elf monk/druid (3/1) that made it to the same point in the story. Tonight I’m debating an elf Ranger/Wizard to see if I like that any better. Been too long since I last played AD&D in general and have never played 3rd edition before so I’m still getting used to the new flexibility in character design. Kinda bummed that I can’t do a straight illusionist of some sort, but not at all surprised. Woulda been a bitch to implement in the game. So, I’ll be going through the same part of the story for a third time tonight. Maybe I’ll move on to a new section before the weekend is out. grin

  4. Yeah, I sarted playing this last night, got up to a half-elven sorceress/barbarian (4/2) which was fun, but magic so far seems pretty lame, but very very handy at the same time. Tonight I think I’ll start a rogue/paladin/monk.. rogue until DC30 open lock.. paladin just keeping up with rogue.. and monk all the way for the rest. We’ll see how it goes.

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