Kat talks about the Pledge.

There’s a knock on the door but I’m not gonna open it

I was raised Christian. I went to church every Sunday and participated in all the church events. I grew up and looked at things with my own eyes and my own mind and decided for myself that there was no god.
I raise my kids secular humanist. And that is to believe in people, to know that people can and will do what’s right if they want to. We live our lives without the fear of being swallowed by a whale or having to talk to a burning bush. We don’t fear fire and brimstone and we don’t have nightmares about turning to salt.
We live morally, we don’t lie, cheat or steal.
Yet, every day my kids are forced to say the pledge of allegiance. My oldest son, Mark got in trouble for not saying it after 9-11.
After 9-11, everything was about god here.
our jobs told us we could wear god bless America shirts to work and wear pins that proclaimed our faith yet I was not allowed to wear my atheist A necklace.

Yeah, I know that feeling…

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