Jesse Ventura stepping down as Governor of Minnesota.

Jesse Ventura has announced he will not be seeking a second term as Governor of Minnesota. Which honestly has me a little bummed. Ventura is probably one of the best governors any state in this union has had in a long time and if he were running for the post here in Michigan, I’d probably vote for him. No one expected him to win the first time around and many wrote him off as just another celebrity cashing in on his past fame to get into office.

I have respect for the man not so much because he came up with a particularly innovative way to do things as much for the fact that he stood up for the principles he believed in regardless of whether or not they were popular. That gives him a helluva lot more integrity in my book than what most governors get. He didn’t use weasel words and he wasn’t afraid to say what he thought. We need more politicians like him. NPR has a good audio segment on his retirement that you can hear by clicking here.

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