I’m a doctor Jim, not a cable modem technician!

Well, we suffered our first service outage under Wide Open West last night as the cable modem was offline for about 4 or 5 hours. Actually, the cable modem itself was just fine as it had a connection back to the local network hub and was generating an IP address for us without issue. From what I gathered from the techs, though, the local hub lost it’s backbone connection to the net proper and they were basically waiting on AT&T to troubleshoot the issue and get them back up and running. Back under Mediaone most outages were very localized often being just a particular neighborhood or two, this is a first for me in that it appears to have been an outage that took out most of Southeast Michigan.

All things considered, it was handled pretty well by the folks at WOW even if they, themselves, couldn’t do anything to fix it. They did provide good info on what they knew about the problem and how long they thought it would take to fix it. I’m still very impressed with their technicians for being open, honest, and knowledgable. Or at least more knowledgable than most. Comcrap would still be denying there was a problem. No real harm done other than I had a bout a half-dozen different things I was going to blog about last night that I didn’t get to. Oh well, the weekend’s almost here and I’ll just have to do it then.

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