I thought weekends were supposed to be restful?

Seems like I spend a lot of time running about on weekends these days. I know my weekends are no where near as busy as some people’s, but for me they’re getting packed. We picked Courtney up on Saturday, come home for a bit and then turned around and went up to Cousin Clyde’s place for his daughter’s open house. It was pretty cool to see a lot of relatives from the Jenkins’ side of the family as some of them I’ve not seen in almost 25 years or so. It took me 6 months working in my new job before I realized that Clyde was my cousin in the first place. I can remember my own open house where all these people who claimed to be related to me showed up and hung out for a bit. Now it was my turn to be the strange long-lost relative. That was a lot of fun.

Courtney’s stay at camp sounds like it was a good experience for her. She regaled us all the way home with stories about what she did and what new camp fire songs she learned. Though I was disappointed that they didn’t tell any good ghost stories or take her on a snipe hunt. Still, she was very glad to see us and only suffered from mild homesickness while she was gone. Overall, she tells us she had a great time and managed to completely avoid the poison ivy. Which means next time I’ll have to stuff it lower down into her sleeping bag where she’s less likely to see it.

I spent most of yesterday working on odd projects I’d been meaning to work on for awhile, including doing more work on a webpage for a good friend of ours. We found time over the weekend to watch a couple of movies as well. Blackhawk Down wasn’t as good as the book, but I didn’t think it would be. In all fairness, there’s no real way it could have been as the book was just an amazingly in-depth look at the whole situation that wouldn’t have translated to the screen well at all. The movie was still pretty good though. The other one was The Musketeer. While the fight scenes were… interesting… the movie as a whole kinda falls flat. I didn’t think it was a horrible film, and there were bits I did enjoy, but it had the same unsatisfying feeling you get from drinking flat Coca-Cola.

Oh, and I got my Elf Ranger/Wizard up to just below 7th level in Neverwinter Nights.

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