Giving in to popular blog trends, redux.

Yeah, the wife talked me into doing this one.

:: how jedi are you? ::

Somehow, I always figured as much.

4 thoughts on “Giving in to popular blog trends, redux.

  1. Check out my results:-) I couldn’t help it… I thought this one was too funny.  I just had to get hubby to do it.  I guess we match, since supposedly Lea was destine to become a Jedi.  Doesn’t that mean that she would evetually progress to Master, status?  So Cool.

  2. …yeah, well, my cats talked me into it, so I’m more pathetic.

    But then again, I’m a jedi master with a lightsabre that says “bad mothafucker” on it, so hey, can’t all be bad ;->

  3. Some of the questions were a little too transparent as to which character you’d score points as if you picked it that answer. As I went a long I debated with myself as to which of the characters I was most like and I wasn’t too surprised by the result. My attitude toward life always has been a bit more like Han’s than any of the other characters though there is a part of me that thinks being an Evil Emperor would be pretty cool.

  4. My favourite question was:

    The force should be used to…
    …make me some decent coffee, maybe.

    As a staunch caffeine addict, I of course had to select that choice ;->

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