I just finished catching up on some current events in Eve’s life over at her blog. Seems she’s had some troubles dealing with life in general lately and lots of folks who visit her blog have written in with their offerings of support and encouragement. I held off on expressing any opinions, though she is in my thoughts. My viewpoint on life and reality is far enough off the beaten path that I sometimes cause more harm than good when I pipe up.

Reading of Eve’s weekend adventures, however, does rekindle an old idea I had for a simple, but meaningful T-Shirt/Poster. It would be white, with big black block letters and it would say two little words:


I’m no psychologist and I certainly don’t claim to hold all the answers, but it seems to me a lot of people have simply forgotten what they are and what being that thing truly means. We are human beings. Sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes we make the wrong one. Sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel bad. Some days nothing goes right, and some days it all falls into place as if it couldn’t have happened any other way. We are not perfect, but there is no shame in being flawed. Not every endeavor has to have a point, sometimes the best thing we can do with our time is nothing at all. Not everyone’s expectation of what we should be is worthy of us striving to attain. Sometimes we just don’t know the answer and maybe never will. All of that is OK. All of that is what it is to be human.

Sometimes we forget that, but that’s OK too. We just need to remind ourselves every once in awhile: BE HUMAN!

2 thoughts on “BE HUMAN!

  1. Cheers to that – I 100% agree. And thanks for the reminder – sometimes we all need to be reminded that yep, it’s all (that’s the good, the bad, AND the ugly!) part of that little journey we call being human.  😀

  2. Takes one to know one.
    Evil shows up in different ways.
    As the avocado treeGoddess once said to me. Hee, Hee
    Have a nice day!

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