5..4..3..2..1… Thunderbirds are GO!

TechTV just keeps getting better and better. They’ve been working to fill some blocks of programming on their channel with more than just constant repeats of their primary shows and they started with one-shot specials like The Tech of Shrek, which turned into a series called The Tech Of. Then they landed one of the great geeky shows that was canceled before it’s time, Max Headroom. I remember when I read about the cancellation and how the network said the show was “too cerebral” and about choked on my corn muffin. If that show required too much thinking from the “American Public” then we were in a shit-load of trouble.

Now TechTV has landed what is probably the ultimately geeky show. One that is technically older than I am and which I can only remember small snippets of, but have wanted to get on video or DVD for decades (it’s even on my Amazon Wishlist which I need to link up here). It was a science fiction series done entirely with marionettes called Thunderbirds and it’ll be airing once again on TechTV this summer. I remember being stunned with what the folks behind this show managed to pull off with nothing more than puppets, but I only managed to see a handful of shows some 20 odd years or so ago. I’ve seen bootleg copies of the shows available at various science fiction and comic book conventions over the years, but I wasn’t happy with the quality of the recordings. Definitely visit the official website as it is just chock full of Thunderbirds information and other fun stuff. I am in such a fit of major geek bliss right now!

1 thought on “5..4..3..2..1… Thunderbirds are GO!

  1. I loved Max Headroom. I even bought the Art of Noise CD just for Paranoimia.

    And damn, now I don’t get TechTV…

    …but I did just spend 20 minutes surfing around that linked Max Headroom site and its various resources. Ahhhh, nostalgia. Why is it the thought-provoking shows are always cancelled.



    Thought provoking. As in, May make American viewers realise how much they’re being scammed by Hollywood and the various entertainment industries.

    Never mind…I think I know why it was cancelled.

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