You’ve got hacked!

Yep, I did get hacked. I guess I must be doing something right if someone felt the need to hack my site. It’s my own fault, really. There’s a particular file that comes with MovableType that you should really delete after you finish installing it, and I swear I did remove it. Really. Still, it appears I must have re-uploaded said file when I did the recent upgrade to version 2.11. Well, someone came along and ran that file and managed to gain control of my blog right as I was in the middle of a big new entry. You can imagine my surprise when I hit SAVE and it asked me to login again.

Looks like I’m not alone as several other MT using folks have reported being hacked as well. About an hour’s worth of emails back and forth with Ben from MT resulted in a small set of scripts that allowed me to get rid of all the bogus accounts the person made and recreate my own account from scratch. For some reason I’m not sure of, the hacker didn’t do any further damage than to lock me out of my own blog for a few hours. All the blog databases are here and intact and all I’ve lost was some time, some face, and that one entry.

It was a good entry too.

9 thoughts on “You’ve got hacked!

  1. i dont hate u that’s why i left ur database intact. learn a lesson from it

  2. Apparently our hacker feels fine with hacking into other people’s programs, but doesn’t really have the guts to leave his/her e-mail.

  3. Yeah, that tends to be the case with most hackers. Instead of doing something constructive like sending an email saying “Hey dude, I discovered this hole, you should patch it.” they have to make an ass of themselves instead by being destructive.

    I’ve been here before. Back in highschool I used to run a BBS system on my old Commodore 64 (remember those?) and we had problems with a coupld of kids in the area who figured out how to hack into the software I, and a lot of other people, were running. They caused all sorts of mayhem for awhile and pissed off a lot of people for no good reason. Eventually they got busted for phone fraud and it all came to an end. One can easily forsee a similar ending for others of similar mindset.

  4. One of my old roommates from college has a brother who used to send computer viruses to people for no reason.  Until, of course, one day he called my roommate crying because someone sent him a computer virus that deleted his entire hard drive.

    It all comes around full circle.

  5. Gee, let’s spend our time hacking someone’s personal blog… don’t these clever little troublemakers have someplace better to peddle their skills? I mean honestly, what is the benefit to hacking a site like this?  *shrugs*

  6. I was hacked too.  That was not a fun experience.  I too ran a BBS in the old C64 scene back in the days when 2400 baud was screamingly fast.

  7. 2400? Man, I wish I could’ve had 2400 baud on my C64. I think the fastest I got there was the 1200 baud modem Commodore sold and that was a little flaky connection-wise. I didn’t hit 2400 until I got my Amiga and my first SupraModem 2400, which shocked all of us by coming out for less than a quarter of the price of the Hayes 2400 baud modem. Ah, the joyous days of running my BBS on my Amiga 3000 using C-Net software.

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