What’s up with Atheism?

Probably the most troubling aspect people have with me, as a person, is my religious stance as an atheist. Once folks find out I’m an atheist it often becomes one of the things they ask me the most questions about. The biggest question, of course, is how can I possibly not believe in the idea of a god or gods? To most theists, be they Christian or Muslim or what have you, the idea of not believing in a god is almost incomprehensible. “With all the evidence of god’s glory all around you..” they ask, “how you could ever doubt his existence?” My explanation is rarely as well worded as the one that I came across on the web recently so I thought I would provide a link to it here for those who are interested.

6 thoughts on “What’s up with Atheism?

  1. It’s so difficult to hold a non-mainstream ideal.  I’m not an atheist, but I sure get a lot of laughs when I say I’m an anarchist.  It’s almost as if the power of conviction of holding an ideal that no one understands is somehow funny.

  2. Same here, Eve. I don’t want to have children, which is not the most popular opinion; and in the last three rounds of Blogger Insider, every single person has asked me, “Well what if the right guy really wanted children?” et cetera et cetera.


    I wish hysterectomies were elective. I’m getting sick of answering that question.

  3. *snicker*

    Sorry, Eve, I’m definitely not putting down your idea. I just had a mental flash of all the rings for all the current trends, and how fast their memberships fill up; and a memory of my friend saying about the college kids with goatees: “That’s right, you’re unique, just like everybody else.”

    We need something, though. Someplace we can all get together and trade quips, rant and rave, listen to each other’s gripes about the idjits currently in power (the names may change, but the dissatisfaction remains the same), and so forth.

    Someplace besides Les’ comments, I mean.

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