The devil gets his kicks on highway 666.

Highway to hell, or just an old country road?

Two people have been killed in the past three weeks on Highway 666, a two-lane stretch of provincial pavement in northwestern Alberta.

“It’s not that bad,” said Coun. Wayne Drysdale of the Municipal District of Greenview, which encompasses the road. “I don’t know if it’s bad luck or the number, just because there have been so many accidents.”

Gotta love superstitious people. My first question is: Why would Satan choose to pay special attention to a highway that he just knows people are going to associate with him because of the number? Wouldn’t you think he’d work extra hard to try and prevent any obvious connection so that folks wouldn’t continue to harp on and on about the significance of the number 666? I mean, if I were Satan (and I’ve been accused of such) I’d be working my butt off to make sure every highway in the area except 666 was just loaded with horrible accidents so that folks would begin to associate highway 666 with being the only safe way to travel. Doesn’t that make more sense? What an idiot this Satan guy must be.

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  1. Is this highway thing really true? How many Accidents have taken place on it in the past years? I was told that if you drive down it there are crosses across the entire highway

  2. Is it true that there is a highway that has the official number 666? Yes, there really is. In fact, there’s more than one. The one in the story I linked above is in Canada. The U.S. also has a highway 666 located in New Mexico which the Governor there is trying to get renumbered for the same stupid reasons.

    The number of the Beast: Gov. Bill Richardson was applauded near the end of his State of the State address Tuesday when he announced he not only supports renovation on U.S. 666 in northwestern New Mexico, but he’s working to change the name.

    Rhonda Faught, the state Highway and Transportation Department secretary designate, said Tuesday she would immediately begin the process of changing the name.

    “It has negative connotations,” she said in a written statement. “It also discourages tourism and economic development in the area.”

    For those not familiar with the Book of Revelations

  3. You people ain’t seen nothing yet, for me i live and grew up near the 3-6 strip and nothings wrong with me or anyone i know! To me all you people are scared for no reason at all. If they do change the route name from 666 to somthing else, forsay 420 are they going to change it again?

  4. I have heard this story of highway 666 and they say there is a satan truck there that runs you over i read this story before and wondering if its real one time when i grow up i know im gonna go to us Highway 666

  5. I live In Gallup, New Mexico which is a town on 666, recently they have been lobbying to have the name changed. The reason for the accidents is because the road is undermaintained in some places and is small. The hills and turns in the route contribute to human error as people speed through there. But there are a unusually large amount of accidents and fatalities on this strip of road. There is really nothing to worry about the road, there is nothing supernatural about the highway. Although they say there are some strange things. One I can contribute is there are reports of creatures that run across the road at night. At least twice I think UFO’s were actually spotted in the area and chased down by police and curious onlookers. There are a lot of fiction that spread but there is not enough calm people around to tell the facts. But it makes a kind of morbid tourist attraction for people.

  6. the road formallly known as 666 (aks US491)

    hard numbers you want?  the motor vehicle crash fatality rate for navajos is about 79 per 100,000.  …compare this to 19 per 100,000 for all Americans.

  7. Interesting numbers Zoey, but the questions I have are: why are you picking on the Navajo’s? As a people are they aligned with Satan thus suffer more highway related fatalities than the rest of us? What are the numbers of fatalities for other ethnic groups along the same evil stretch of road? Could there be other reasons non-diabolical that would account for the higher death rate among the native peoples travelling along the devil’s driveway? Might it have anything to do with say a higher incidence of alcoholism among native Americans, up to 3 times the rate in the general U.S. population? Maybe the devil made them drink and drive…

  8. Dunno about the exact ethnic breakdown of road fatalities…but I’d be more inclined to believe that it has something to do with the concentration of folks who live in the area… I mean… in the town I moved from… most traffic fatalties involved either Irish or Brazilians…‘cause that’s who lives there…

  9. everyone, shut the fuck up. 666 means shit. its the same thing as 444 or 999 or whatever else. You people are all stupid as hell.

  10. Okay Hoody or is it Mr. Hoo? Although it is not a prerequisite to posting you might want to actually READ the previous entries and search for signs of sarcasm. I believe most people posting are expressing incredulity at the name change, not thanking god that yet another diabolical highway has been converted to as nice god fearing road.

    Next thing you know some idiot will start thinking about renaming Pennsylvania’s historic Hershey Highway.

  11. Highway 666 was renamed to HWY 491. My memorial bill was signed by Governor Richardson that prop the name change.

    Why the change? Not because of its satanic symbolism, but to correct the federal numbering system. Highway stretching north to south are odd numbered and east to west are even numbered. Go figure.

    This is the main reason.

    Rep. Begaye

  12. My grandfather was a truck driver and he told me of stories he had heard about a woman walking up and down highway 666 a ghost they said has anyone every heward those stories? if so email me with them im very interested

  13. I live in Gallup and heard that a nice looking woman in a black mini skirt hitch hikes between Mexican Springs and Shiprock.  I have driven that rode and look for her, but I haven’t seen her because at times the danger is from the living.  The dangerous
    drivers and of course the drunk drivers create havoc on that road.  Occasional cattle and coyotes cross your path and be prepared for the skin walker too.  I haven’t seen a UFO yet, but I will keep my eye out for them too.  I am hoping to meet that sexy hitch hiker too, but I hear she disappears on you when you are driving, scaring the pants off of you.

  14. Satan here- zilch is channeling me, or rather I’m channeling him, a cinch for me since he’s got Darwin instead of Jesus in his soul.

    Those pathetic fools in New Mexico think they outwitted me by changing the number of U.S. 666.  Luckily for me, I saw what they were up to (I’m everywhere, as Laurie Anderson says) and “suggested” 491 to them.  Most Christians can’t do math, so they didn’t suspect a thing. 4 times 9 is, any hands?  Right, 36, which is what? 6 times 6.  And what’s 1 times 6?  Buahahaha!

  15. oh the devil is everywhere and he is smarter than any human ever thought of being, the only thing that can possibly kick his red arse is the ever living Word of God!!!!  the dev loves to lurk in shadows in stealthiness, his flonts aint an outright 666, but rather like such: 238215, or for instance the booze “O” with a little “3” meaning 6 powered by 3 equaling 666. the dev loves “0″s because its the 15th letter.look at the boeng 747, one miss could cost hundreds of souls… “747” subtract one from both sevens and add them to the four…or the .57 mag, take one from the seven and add it to the five equalling 66, 66 always make 66 by doing: 6×6=36… 6 powered by 3=666, look at this, the back of your eye sees $999 as 666, your subconsc see 666 all day long to wash ya sub thinkin… I kno about the dev and S.S.,theyve got a price on the prize, but I’ve got an axe and 2 38’s (acts 2:38 haha), actually have luke 10″38, eph 6:10-18, ps 91, and sev more… the dev is losing his battle, his advisers are all skitz, Gods in full control haha.

  16. ii have heard about this highway!!
    ive heard that 666 is the devils address
    and if yuu follow this highway it lead you strait 2 hell!!
    now if this is true when ii turn 17 ima take some of mah homies and were gonna find this highway 666 and follow it!! coz ii wanna no if it really does take you 2 hell!!

  17. K i live in utah and heard about the highway 666 when I lived in vernal and read books.But some people say they have seen things and probably have but for the most park Im glad Ive never seen anything or ever wanna go Ill stay away from that as much as possible…maybe its just people died on that highway for a reason not cuz the number…who will ever know..

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