Random Thoughts.

I want to take a moment and put up a plug for my wife’s blog. I have had several people comment on how good they felt my writing here on my blog, and on past websites I’ve run, has been, but I feel that Anne’s Random Thoughts page trumps me on several fronts.

First off, she’s taken to blogging more readily than I have. Most of the authors of blogs I read on a daily basis seem to be unafraid to get very personal about themselves and their lives and I have to admit that I have been somewhat reserved about myself here in my own blog because I know some of what I have to say would probably piss off various extended family members. I often find myself thinking that I want to post something only to hold off on it because I’m worried about how such-and-such Uncle or Sister or whomever might react to it. Truth is, I don’t know of any family members outside of my wife, daughter, and Mother that bother to read my blog so I probably don’t have much to worry about.

I also find myself censoring my language and my content more so than I do when speaking to folks I know in real life. I’ve talked about my penchant for swearing like a sailor and yet I’ve yet to use the F-word on my own blog whereas Anne, much to my surprise, has already done so because it was the best word that described her feelings at the time. I’ve held off on some of my rants about religion and how I generally feel most Americans are idiots because these topics tend to piss off lots of people, but Anne hasn’t been afraid to confront the issues she feels strongly about on her own page.

Anne’s blog is much more personal and honest than my blog has been so far and that makes it worth checking out. She’d love to get some comments from folks on stuff she’s written so far as well. We’re both just starting out on this whole blogging thing, but we both seem to enjoy it. Of the two of us, however, she has a much better start than I do.

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