Price cuts on PS2, Xbox this month?

Analysts watching the video game industry are forecasting price cuts on both the PS2 and the Xbox during the upcoming E3 later this month. Of the two, the Xbox is almost a sure thing for a price cut due to the fact that demand for the unit has dropped off significantly after a very strong launch as well as doing very poorly in Europe and Japan. Sony is less in need of a price cut as sales remain strong even well into its second year on the shelves at the current pricing, but Sony has cut prices when it didn’t really need to in the past to force competitors to take similar cuts to stay competitive before they were really ready to do so.

So how much of a price cut are they predicting? The consensus seems to place it at $100 moving both consoles down from their current $299 price tag to a more mainstream friendly $199. Microsoft is expected to announce their price cut at a news conference on May 20th. Sony will likely follow suit soon after if they don’t end up announcing their’s first. Nintendo isn’t expected to cut the price on it’s console until possibly this fall. So if you’ve been meaning to buy one of these little bundles of fun you may want to hold onto your pennies until after E3 to see if you can save yourself a hundred bucks.

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