One little annoyance after another..

Wow, it just hasn’t been a good day today on the “minor irritations” front. Nothing major went wrong, but lots of little annoyances keep popping up one after another. To start with, Courtney had her last school choir concert of the year this evening. I’ve ranted here previously about the high religious content of her past concerts, but I held out hope that this being a “summer” concert and not a “winter” (Christmas) or a “spring” (Easter) concert that there would be a minimum of religious orientated songs. Boy what a silly, foolish man I am for even thinking such a thing. To the director’s credit, there was a larger selection of secular songs this time around, but most of them were pop tunes I’m not particularly fond of. The choir, as a whole, did a decent job.

Once I made it back home I sat down at the computer to find that someone has tried to send me a message through Yahoo Messenger while I was away. I respond back and they’re still around so they start to chat. I should have known what was up when I spotted the first part of this persons nick as being “thomaskinkade_”. This was a salesperson trying to sell Thomas Kinkade artwork through Yahoo Messenger. Now, I’ve seen artwork done by Thomas Kinkade and I think it’s OK, if a bit overrated and it doesn’t really go well with the early orange crate decor we maintain in our apartment. When it was clear all this person wanted to do was sell me some paintings I didn’t need, I gently suggested that it was bad enough that I receive untold spam email that I didn’t ask for as well as a constant barrage of phone calls from telemarketers that I don’t want so getting unwanted solicitations through my instant messaging program was probably the best way I could think of to ensure that I never bought a product from whatever putz was dumb enough to try it.

All things considered, he took it pretty well.

2 thoughts on “One little annoyance after another..

  1. What? You had one on the line and didn’t demand his credit card number to continue the conversation? LOL

    Wow – you got that “more crap like this” bit implemented fast. Then again, how sad are we that we sit around spending hours and hours tweaking these things? (Says she, who rushed right over here to comment as soon as the email notification made its way to my inbox.)

    …er…pay no attention to me. It’s been a long day and I’ve not ingested enough Mr. Pibb ;->

  2. Well, yeah. I mean, what’s the point of mentioning I’m going to steal code from you if I take forever to implement it! grin Don’t do me no good if I don’t use it. Now I just need to sit down and decide what the hell to put into a little “all about me” block on the side.

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