Now, if I can just move beyond the index.

If you happen to stop by Anne’s page anytime soon you may notice that her blog is now the default page that comes up instead of being a link off of her main page. I spent the last day or so coming up with a new layout for her blog that closely resembled the main page she had designed herself back when she first put it up. We debated the color scheme a bit as I found her old design’s colors to be somewhat “eye twisting” as I put it, but she had final say in what colors were used where.

I opted not to deal with the nightmare of positional CSS when doing the layout of her page, unlike my own, and resorted to a basic table to develop the two column layout. I did still use CSS to control borders and colors and text styles though as it is just too easy to make changes quickly by tweaking the style-sheet without having to rebuild all the pages. I never thought it would happen, but I’m a true convert to CSS for building web pages. Neither my site nor hers would pass a strict CSS/HTML/XML validation process I’m sure, but as long as it displays more or less correctly for folks who stop by then I don’t really care. Her’s at least displays somewhat correctly in Netscape 4.7 whereas mine won’t render under that version of the browser at all. For some reason Netscape 4.7 ignores the background color for the page, though, so it still looks funky.

I’m not entirely happy with the way Anne’s page looks mainly because I find it more difficult to design a decent looking site with a black background than a white one. The HTML stuff is easy enough, I just suck at being even remotely stylish and tasteful so my layouts are never quite what I want. Still, it’s up and I’ll be adding links to the other pages Anne had built herself in the next couple of days. Hopefully, I’ll get around to actually changing her archive, comments, and the other odd handful of additional pages MT generates before too much longer. Of course, I’ve not even done those on my own page yet so I’m not holding my breath.

3 thoughts on “Now, if I can just move beyond the index.

  1. Uh, the design is me.. not the construction or translation of code, but the layout design, colors, etc. is me me me! I really appreciate all the time an effort you put in to help me build it and all the maintenance you do with our family site and on my personal page.  Thanks honey bunny, studmuffin, hot buns… really and truly thanks a lot!

    It’s my web site and I love it, black backgroud, eye twisting colors and all!  I love it and it’s my site and it’s my personallity and… Well, I think it looks better than yours… So there!  Na na na…

    Oh yes, it would be nice to have the rest of the MT windows be black with the blue writing too! Maybe with a special Dragon or Tiger pick, too But, I love the design of my site just the way it is…  It might not meet your technical perfectionist standards (or male, geeky tastes), but it’s my preference and I want it that way!

    Thanks again hubby.  I love you, a lot! And for muc much more than your money or PC capabilities (ha ha ha)! 

    *Private joke (we’re pretty poor)

  2. Netscape 4.* has a buggy implementation of CSS, which may be where most of your problems are coming from. I finally gave up the ghost just over a year ago and moved to a completely CSS-driven layout. It’s a LOT easier to maintain, especially when you suddenly decide you want that element over here << to be over there >> Instant site change with no MT regeneration, yay.

  3. I’m still learning how to work with a totally CSS-driven layout, which is what my page here is. There’s still bits that I just can’t seem to get my head around so I save my experimentations for my own site and go with more familiar methods when working on Anne’s. Someday I’ll be a CSS god, but for now I’m limping along.

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