More fun with folding money and 9/11.

Someone has managed to figure out that if you fold a twenty dollar bill in a particular way you end up with what appears to be two images of the September 11th terrorists attacks. One side has what seems to be the Pentagon with smoke coming out of it and the other is an image of the Twin Towers with smoke coming out.

I don’t know what amazes me more about this little trick: The fact that the images do remind one of what they say they do or the fact that some person out there has way too much time on his hands that they could sit around and fold a twenty dollar bill over and over again looking for disturbing images. Seriously, I wanna know who the idiot was that figured this out. You always hear about how to do it, but you never hear the nut case was that thought it up in the first place. Is he an origami master who was fiddling around and just happened to notice? Or, more likely, some conspiracy nut who has nothing better to do than molest money to try and find hidden messages? I don’t know, but they should really get a new hobby.

22 thoughts on “More fun with folding money and 9/11.

  1. *snort*

    I heard about this one a while ago and had the exact same reaction. Someone has a little too much spare time. At first, I thought it was in really poor taste, then I realized it was probably just some dipsh*t dorking around with a $20 bill. wink

  2. I don’t know what bothers me more: the fact that George W. is our president, or the fact that he and osama have so much in common. In these days of techno-globalism and information wars, the prospect of clandestine, government conspiracies is not a far-fetched reality.

  3. the new world order is upon you. someone bored folding a twenty and it just so happens to have those images on both sides?seriously what are the odds?they are introducing it seemingly slowly but it is right in front of your face.your grandchildren will live(suffer) in it.and youll try to act like you saw it coming. well you did they just showed you another little part of it.ONE WORLD MONEY,ONE WORLD GOVERMENT,ONE WORLD is happening.


  5. Regardless of who the quote unquote dipsh*t is one would have to be totally naive to consider this coincidental, or not consider it at all.  There is obviously something greater at work behind the scenes that escapes people who take everything for face value.  My thoughts are that someone or something is playing a game of CHESS with us while leading us to beleive we are all on the same team.

  6. You people need to understand what this could or could not mean. The fact that you can find so many “coincidents” with our american currency is a credible enough reason to investigate, I think. this site shows how you can get not only a $20 bill but also a 1,5,10,50, and $100 to show the buildings. I think that you people should do a little bit of research before saying something.

  7. I think you need to get a life and stop wasting time folding money looking for conspiracy theories.

    I can take part of a Land O’ Lakes butter package and fold it in such a way that the Native American woman they use as a mascot appears to be flashing you her tits, but that doesn’t mean that Land O’ Lakes uses hordes of Native American women to produce their butter products or that Land O’ Lakes specifically created their packaging to reveal such an image when properly manipulated.

    Fold a dollar bill properly and you can turn George Washington into a mushroom. Does this mean our first President was secretly a highly evolved member of the fungi family? Com’on folks. Use that brain a little and stop believing everything you read.

  8. LOL I agree… It is all coincidence and can be applied to probably any foldable object under the sun… total waste of time.  Fold this, twist that… whatever. LOL!

  9. hey i thought the 20 dollar bill was cool
    but it was kinda weird tha that happens
    maybe SUM one knew but Noo Wayyy!
    well its kinda kool stil!

  10. Of course they knew.It has all been planned for years.Can’t be naive,microchipping will be next.Here in Australia we now have to have our passports microchipped,supposedly to keep us safe from “terrorists”

  11. It wasn’t the Land-o-Lakes company, but rather a goof on them by the commercial artist they hired – as revealed by his daughter in a letter to Ann Landers in the 1970’s..

  12. You all think it’s a sham? Then why is that the image appears in the 5,10,20,50,& 100 dollar bills?
    Oh, yea real fat chance that the 5 dollar bill show the towers before 9/11. On the ten, the towers gets hit. The 20 shows them smoking exactly in proportion to where the planes hit. Now the 50 shows them falling with more smoke beyond the wrekage. And finally, the 100 is beautiful rendition of rising smoke. Without the towers!
    Now what’s scarier is that older bills printed before 9/11 show the same drawings. We should embrace this conspiracy and find the artist.
    He who drew these pictures before 9/11 can point to the real criminals behind 9/11.
    Americans are made to believe anything or to not believe anything, even though the proof is starring them right in front of the face.

  13. Now what’s scarier is that older bills printed before 9/11 show the same drawings. We should embrace this conspiracy and find the artist.

    Let us take this as true. Let us assume that the artist of notes printed before 11 September 2001 somehow knew something.  Exactly HOW did he get the pictures to look exactly like the TV broadcasts? There are too many variables to predict what the smoke looked like.

    Somewhere in a bunker under the Whitehouse
    “General- postpone operation Buckscore. The wind is too strong, and from the wrong direction- it won’t look like it’s picture, try again on the 11th”

  14. do the folding with the 5 then the 10 then the 20 and 50 and 100 it will show as a movie as thay fall to the grond..allso the New 5 bill will show the sun being block by a cloud.a cloud of what is yet to be seen.

  15. Les- your Land O’ Lakes link is broken.  Here’s one that works.  I’m agnostic about whether the knees=tits was deliberate or not:  given the number of images on packaging, there are bound to be a few that are amenable to lewd manipulation by people with no functional fixation and lots of time on their hands.  A simpler example is the discovery that blowing into empty Sunmaid Raisin boxes made a satisfyingly annoying buzz, although they were presumably not designed for this purpose.

    On the other hand, the Indian girl’s knees look suspiciously bulbous (almost “pneumatic”, like Lenina in Brave New World) and unnaturally reddened.  In this case, it’s plausible that there were malign (or at least puerile) forces at work behind the scenes.

    In the case of the American bills, I’m not so sure.  But if all of you 9/11 money conspiracy theorists out there would send me samples, I’d be glad to weigh in with an objective opinion.  It would be best if each of you could send one folded and one unfolded bill of each denomination, from $5 to $100.  As soon as I have enough samples, I’ll get back to you.

  16. Oh, and after you guys have sent me your bills, check out this.  It’s video footage of a UFO leaving the scene on 9/11.

    That puts another complexion on things altogether, doesn’t it?  You were worried about a sinister group of fascist commie Jewish neocons infiltrating the government to bring down the American Way of Life?  That’s peanuts:  Bush is an alien.

  17. “the New 5 bill will show the sun being block by a cloud.a cloud of what is yet to be seen”

    Maybe this is a sign of blocking George Bush’s son from his rule.

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