Mad Cow Warning.

This is one pissed off piece of raw steak. Fair warning, VERY strong language. Don’t play it around the kids.

UPDATED: Link has been corrected to point to the animation’s proper home on Totally Tom’s website. Tom created this Flash animation quite awhile ago and he has several other funny ones to check out.

10 thoughts on “Mad Cow Warning.

  1. It’s good to know I can count on your taste for quality humor.  I searched for this a long time before I found this funny Mad Cow animation I saw last year. I had to sift through a lot of stupid mad cow jokes.

  2. Alas, it looks like the site is down. I’ll see if I can find a valid link for it and update this accodingly later.

  3. I can’t see the animation whenever i click on it all i get is website not responding….it sucks ass b/c I’ve seen this b/4 and i almost pissed my pants….just give me a mail message when you get the site workin again…keep the funny shit commin man

  4. Josh, I’ve been trying to find this animation again since I first noticed it went away. So far to no avail. If I do manage to once again find it I’ll be sure to update the link.

  5. Why are some comments not registering the commenter’s name? All I’m seeing in these cases is: eg: “on 6/25/04 at 02:28 PM wrote the following…”

  6. MovableType at one time allowed you to leave a comment without specifying a name in the form. That comment is from 2002 so the person who left probably didn’t put a name in. I may go ahead and edit it to correct the issue, but you’ll likely find more than a few comments here adn there from that time period that are like that.

  7. It probably isn’t important, but I’m definitely seeing it happen when I change my browser (IE) security settings to high (certain commenter’s names disappear) and when I change it back to medium (those commenter’s name’s reappear). I was mostly just curious as to why this happens.

    GeekMom, deadscot and Josh are three current commenters this happens with, as well as my own name. Strange!

    captcha – “zipper” Woo hoo!

  8. That’s interesting as it’s quite coincidental that this thread’s first response was also missing a name in the field. I just went in a few minutes ago and changed it to Anonymous.

  9. But it isn’t just happening with this thread. It’s happening with comments they’ve made to other entries. Even decrepitoldfool doesn’t always register. Am I making any sense at all?

    captcha – “cause” – Will I ever know the cause for this glitch?

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