In remembrance.

It is difficult to put into words the appreciation I have for the men and women who volunteer to be in the military without sounding trite or insincere. I don’t always agree with the uses our military is put to, nor am I known for buying into the traditional knee-jerk flag waving that passes as patriotism in this country, but I do feel grateful for the people who have answered the call, gone to war, and made the ultimate sacrifice to help defend this nation. I can’t think of anything else to say other than “Thanks.”

3 thoughts on “In remembrance.

  1. Umm… Les? Hate to be a noodge, especially when you are being so thought provoking and thanking our armed forces and all, but…run spell check on that title, babe. smile

    I had to say it – cause you posted that bit about the importance of proper spelling and all back in April… *grins*

  2. Yep, I flubbed it. I’ll go back and fix it soon. Figures the one time I don’t use the spell check is one of the times I have a major boo-boo.

    Here I am trying to be sincere and thoughtful and all I get is snide remarks about my inability to spell properly. wink

  3. *laugh* Hey hey – I was not criticizing the thoughtfulness of the post! 😀

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